Hi everyone welcome to the WEBOCRACKER blog. We have listed the top 10 learning platforms where knowledge is being fed by signing a course than learning the modules with a stipulated time. Every engineer needs to know this world Is moving fast so we need to update our knowledge. Most people felt “online course will be costly and too much pay “that’s not true. Our WEBOCRACKER have taken the best learning platform where the cost of the course will be less and even free courses Are available

We have taken research on the benefits of online courses


i) We can sign at any time to attend the class which are both recordings as well live

ii) We don’t need to travel to attend the class

iii) Cost is very less compare to offline class.

WEBOCRACKER have listed the learning platform as follows


If you want to grow then you need to learn to sustain in this world UDEMY is the best platform where you can enroll in as many courses as possible at low cost and some courses will be free of cost

You want to learn more then Udemy is the best place where you get so many tutorials and modules available for improvement of self.

If you want to have an offer on Udemy then click on this>>>>>>>>>UDEMY

2. EDX:

Do you wish to enrol on a course at MIT and another foreign university this is the place where you get exposure to how they teach and provide a practical demonstration both on simulation and real-time projects? EDX provides a micro master's, master‘s program, and another course at a low cost you will get a degree from the prestigious college without visiting the college give a try EDX for better wellbeing.


If you want to learn the technical idea then this Is the platform where you can learn at a low cost and free courses will be available. You can enroll in the certificate course at a low cost and earn a degree without visiting the college


Tutorial point is an Indian learning platform where you can learn as many courses available in both video and web courses are available. The tutorial point is providing both free and paid courses available at a low cost. TRY …” tutorial point”


NPTEL Is an Indian learning platform where IIT and IISC professors take the class you can watch as many courses as possible. You can enrol in many courses free but you have to pay for the certification and there will be examined after every course.



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